Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Brother Tyler - Ashley

I am tylers big sister, Ashley im 13 (almost 14). At first finding out that tyler had cf wasn't that big of a deal because i really didnt undersatnd everything like what it was and what it did but when my mom explained everything i started to understand a little bit more. I really understood how serious it was one night when tyler stopped breathing. When the ambulance came and fire trucks and police it was the scariest thing thats ever happened to me EVER  i was in tears. I was sleeping when everything started i woke up by the sound of my mom screaming my brothers name (nik) i ran out and my brother handed the phone to her because he had called the police she ran down stairs, nik and i followed her. She was explaining everything to the police when i saw tyler and i finally got what was going on. My mom layed tyler on the floor because the person on the phone told her to and she started c.p.r. I couldnt believe how fast the ambulance came with the fire truck and police officers they all came in and they layed tyler on the couch and hooked him up to something. I was just standing there staring i couldnt believe what was happening. Then they said my mom and tom and tyler had to go to the hospital, after they left i went to bed or at least tried. I woke up like every 20 minutes because i kept having the most horrible dreams and i couldnt stop worrying about Tyler. That was no doubt the absolute scariest night of my life. I totally and completley understand how serious cf is and how important it is to keep him well. But i dont think anyone understands more than my mom. Tyler is her first priority and she takes the smallest things that happen with tyler very seriously. She gets so excited when tyler does the smallest things like suck his thumb or try to fit both hands in his mouth which is sooo adorable, we all are living life to the fullest with tyler.


  1. This post is from ashley, tylers sister.

  2. Ashley,

    It is so nice to see how understanding you are. I have a three year old with a lot of medical issues and I constantly worry about my 13 and 14 year old feeling neglected or not as loved.

    I bet your brother just adores you. Keep up the good work. I know from being a mother, your mother is very proud of you.